David Watts, Jr.


Environmental Portraits

Artist Olivia De Berardinis (1996)

Bobbi Gibb, First woman to run the Boston Marathon in 1966 (1980)

Photographer Bert Stern (1929 - 2013) (1979)

Concert Pianist / Composer David Alpher (1984)

Sculptor Richard Recchia (1885 - 1983) (1979)

Alexander E. Freiherr von Richthofen (2008)

M. Clive Robinson, MD, FRACS, Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Bridgeport Hospital, Bridgeport. CT (2009)

Down East (Maine) humorist Robert Skoglund, The humble Farmer (2009)

Boston Red Sox legend Johnny Pesky (1919 - 2012) (2009)

Richard Bayrd, 2011 Independence Day parade Grand Marshal, Wakefield, MA (2011)

Author/Historian Richard Binder (2015)

Photojournalist Barbara Klemm (2015)

Collings Foundation co-founder Bob Collings (2016)

Collings Foundation Executive Director and Chief Pilot Rob Collings (2016)

Collings Foundation Director of Marketing Hunter Chaney (2016)

Concert pianist-Conductor Valerie Becker (2016)

Photographer Kirk Williamson (2017)

Artist Annmarie Gallivan as Frida Kahlo (2016)

Charlene Harrington, Master Barber, Sharper Image Barber Shoppe, Wakefield, MA (2018)

Beth Hylan, The Sweet Bay Shop, Wakefield, MA (2018)

Laura-Marie Small and Emily Seeberg, Kidcasso Art Studio, Wakefield, MA (2018)

Maryesther Fournier, Smith Drug Store, Wakefield, MA (2018)

Colleen Currant and Caitlin McGrath, A Unique Salon & Spa, Wakefield, MA (2018)

David Medzorian, Daval Productions (2019)

Choreographer Dušan Týnek, the Dušan Týnek Dance Theatre, based in New York City (2018)

Artist David Workman at Pathway of the Patriots, Tarky Field and the Battle Road Conservation Area, Woburn, MA (2011)

Delta Airlines flight attendants, Delta Airlines hanger, Logan International Airport, East Boston, MA (2012)